We look forward to spending time with your pet!

Excited for your big vacation but don't know where to find care for your dog or cat while you're gone? Jefferson Animal Hospital offers quality boarding services for your pet, and would be happy to watch your pet while you are away.

Your pet will be provided with ample living space and taken out on walks twice daily for exercise. All animals are fed twice a day and provided with comfortable bedding to sleep on.

We love to have fun, but we do have a few rules. We require that your pet is up to date on their yearly physical exam & vaccinations for the safety of your pet and the other animals here. Please call us if you have any questions regarding required vaccinations.

Drop Off and Pick Up Hours

Drop off and pick up hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am-6:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. THERE ARE NO DROP OFF OR PICK UP HOURS ON SATURDAY AFTER 12:00PM OR ON SUNDAY.

Feeding and Medication
At Jefferson Animal Hospital, we highly recommend you bring the food that your pet usually eats. This is due to the fact that being in a new place can cause stress, and adding a sudden change in diet can cause discomfort, resulting in upset stomach and abnormal stool. If you are unable to bring your own food, Jefferson Animal Hospital provides Hill's Science Diet Maintenance dry food. Boarders are fed twice daily. We administer medications as directed for a small fee based on the number of times per day. The Animal Care Staff is highly trained in administering medications properly and accurately using a very strict routine and documentation protocol for both. Jefferson Animal Hospital staff is also trained in insulin injections for diabetic patients. During their stay your special pet friends are watched carefully by our Animal Care Staff. Our doctors and technicians are always available if there are any medical concerns.

Requirements and Concerns
Boarders are required to be current on all vaccinations. For dogs, this includes Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper/Parvo Combination. For cats, this includes Rabies and Distemper Combination.We require pets to be flea and tick free.  We require these to prevent illness and infestations from spreading throughout our facility and to protect our precious boarders. If fleas and/or ticks are found on your pet upon intake we will apply a preventative at the owner’s expense. The Jefferson Animal Hospital staff is here to care for the animals as if they were our very own pets.

Since we are a hospital and we know unexpected emergencies arise, we are very cautious with every boarding pet.  We ask you to sign a consent form and provide emergency contact information sould an unexpected emergency occur.

Medical Boarding
At Jefferson Animal Hospital, our boarders are cared for and treated like our very own pets. Many of our boarders tend to be older and a little more fragile, or have medical conditions that require additional care and observation. Medical boarding includes all the love and attention Jefferson Animal Hospital staff has always provided with a little extra. Medical boarding includes additional attention from a doctor as required by your pet's medical condition, medication administration (with medications that are provided by owners). Medical boarding cases would include: diabetics, renal patients, epileptics, cardiac patients etc. If you are unsure if your pet’s medical condition falls in this category, please ask a Technician to evaluate your pet.


  •           Separate feline boarding room
  • ·         Indoor canine facility with runs
  • ·         Pets receive individual attention
  • ·         Dogs are walked multiple times daily
  • ·         Medications, special concerns and needs addressed upon request
  • ·         Short or long term boarding available

·         Bathing upon request & grooming by appointment are available during your pet’s visit with us

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