Debbie Dzimimanski, DVM


Dr. Debra Dzimianski


Dr. Debbie, a.k.a. "Dr. D", was born into a Navy family in Newport, R.I.  She spent her childhood in various locations along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.  She graduated from high school in Middle Georgia, then headed to UGA to pursue veterinary medicine.  Dr. Dzimianski has practiced veterinary medicine for "30-something" years, while also raising a family of eight children.  They live on a Dairy goat farm in Jackson County, and also raise Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs.  The farm is also populated with cows, horses, poultry, and others dogs and cats.  If there is any spare time after tending to farm, family, and work, Dr. D enjoys camping, hiking, and travel.  In the vet hospital, Dr. D specializes in "TLC", and will give you and your pet the compassionate care you deserve.  She caters to cats especially, but enjoys the rewards of working with dogs, and some of the greatest clients in the world here in Jackson County!

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